8/6/1944 Rahmel (Poland)
G.B. Herchenhahn
42-31376 - Bomber's Angel

After being damaged over the target the crew elected to make a try for a friendly airfield in Russia, which they did and the crew was returned but the aircraft was salvaged

George B. HerchenhahnRTDPilot
Harry A. LindsayRTDCo-Pilot
Nathan J. MeyersonRTDNavigator
Rene McCuneRTDBombardier
Joseph E. ZiguloskiRTDRadio Operator
Walter G. MitchellRTDTop Turret/Engineer
William H. TobinRTDBall Turret Gunner
George VollmerRTDWaist Gunner
Francis X. ShamrellRTDWaist Gunner
Harry J. OestreichRTDTail Gunner
Nolan A. GroshongRTDOn Board - Observer