2/3/1945 Berlin (Germany)
R.P. Morris
42-102951 -

Just after "bombs away" this aircraft was hit by flak. It had a runaway propeller as well as the wing being on fire, this B-17G left the formation under control; crashed Den Berg Texel, Holland – 9 KIA. Men were standing on partially submerged B-17 and Germans fired upon them. They were all shot or drowned.

Richard P. MorrisKIAPilot
Dean M. RattsKIACo-Pilot
Kenneth C. WoodKIANavigator
Leonard A. PospisilKIABombardier
Kenneth L. PetersenKIARadio Operator
Leroy H. HansenKIATop Turret/Engineer
Marion L. BellKIABall Turret Gunner
Milton S. OnieKIAWaist Gunner
William T. WattKIATail Gunner