5/6/1945 CHOWHOUND 5 (Utrecht) (Netherlands)

CHOWHOUND 5 (Utrecht)
Food Drop

Humanitarian Mission - Food Parcels dropped to starving people of Holland


Aircrafts and Crews

 AircraftCrewStatusCall SignSquadronMACR
Crew members44-8782 - (B-17G)B.C. SeaburgSortieR412
Crew members43-38774 - Clay Pigeon (B-17G)B.J. RadzevichSortieB412
Crew members43-38346 - Excelsior (B-17G)C.D. CrawfordSortieX335
Crew members44-8667 - (B-17G)C.H. BrownSortieL335
Crew members44-8640 - (B-17G)C.N. MozleySortieD334
Crew members44-8217 - (B-17G)D.D. SchulzSortieC334
Crew members43-38990 - The Creamer (B-17G)D.G. HelgesonSortieX334
Crew members42-97194 - Good Pickin (B-17G)D.W. DetlefsSortieO335
Crew members43-39037 - Little Joe (B-17G)E.C. BolteSortieT336
Crew members44-6598 - Queen Mary (B-17G)E.C. EricksenSortieN335
Crew members44-6838 - Spirit of Martinez (B-17G)F.J. CalicuraSortieE335
Crew members42-97257 - Knock-Out Baby! (B-17G)F.J. MarkeySortieL412
Crew members43-38776 - Passion Wagon (B-17G)G.A. BirrellSortieB334
Crew members43-38942 - Belligerent Beauty (B-17G)G.E. BrumbaughSortieY335
Crew members43-38441 - Miss Hell - Bent for Action (B-17G)G.H. StewartSortieP412
Crew members44-8548 - (B-17G)G.I. RaySortieK336
Crew members43-38657 - Evasive Action (B-17G)H.G. SimpsonSortieV334
Crew members43-37783 - Lucky Sherry (B-17G)H.S. PalmerSortieR335
Crew members42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)J.C. MansfieldSortieW336
Crew members43-38317 - Flak Evader (B-17G)J.E. SchaafSortieK334
Crew members43-39152 - (B-17G)J.G. BanksSortieP334
Crew members43-39177 - The Blessed Event (B-17G)J.M. PhilpottSortieY412
Crew members44-6475 - Round Tripper (B-17G)J.O. BrouilletteSortieL336
Crew members43-38288 - Go,In My Way (B-17G)J.P. O'TooleSortieV412
Crew members43-38996 - (B-17G)J.R. DavisSortieT334
Crew members44-6946 - Blood & Guts (B-17G)K. TwiningSortieF412
Crew members44-8525 - Pocomoco (B-17G)L.F. WellsSortieU334
Crew members43-38676 - (B-17G)L.R. McClintockSortieV336
Crew members43-38067 - Big Chief Illiniwek (B-17G)L.R. YoungSortieE412
Crew members43-39175 - (B-17G)M.I. JohannSortieL334
Crew members44-8269 - The Red Fox (B-17G)M.R. TurnerSortieK335
Crew members43-38617 - New York Express (B-17G)P.F. CriderSortieQ336
Crew members44-6902 - Mason-Dixon Liner (B-17G)R.A. NelsonSortieG335
Crew members43-38255 - Poof Proof (B-17G)R.A. SmithSortieA335
Crew members44-8741 - Winged Warrior (B-17G)R.B. HightshoeSortieM412
Crew members43-38826 - (B-17G)R.D. FligorSortieJ412
Crew members43-38333 - Heavy Date (B-17G)R.M. HobbsSortieS336
Crew members43-38469 - (B-17G)R.P. SloaneSortieU336