Thomas A. Henry

Lead Navigator

WIA - 7/7/1944 on Mission to Kolleda-Merseburg, Germany in Aircraft 446098



 MissionAircraftCrewStatusPOSCall SignSquadronMACR
Crew6/6/1944 Normandy (France)42-3400 - The Gremlin's Sweetheart (B-17F)J.M. BastionSortie N D336
Crew6/8/1944 Normandy (France)42-31887 - Big Casino (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N K412
Crew6/14/1944 Chievres (Le Culot) (Belgium)42-31410 - I Dood It (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N G336
Crew6/15/1944 Misberg (Germany)42-37889 - Pride of Vhelhalis (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N Y336
Crew6/18/1944 Misberg (Hannover) (Germany)44-6098 - (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N N336
Crew6/19/1944 Bordeaux (France)42-31376 - (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N U336
Crew6/20/1944 Fallersleben (Germany)42-31376 - (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N U336
Crew6/22/1944 Gennevilliers (France)42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)J.M. BastionLost N P336????
Crew7/6/1944 TACTICAL (France)44-6098 - (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N N336
Crew7/7/1944 Kolleda-Merseburg (Germany)44-6098 - (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N N336
Crew7/18/1944 TACTICAL (France)42-102450 - Paisano (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N K336
Crew8/2/1944 TACTICAL (France)44-6013 - (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N A336
Crew8/3/1944 TACTICAL (France)44-6013 - (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N A336
Crew8/13/1944 TACTICAL (France)42-102427 - (B-17G)C.A. BesserSortie N C336
Crew8/15/1944 Venlo (Netherlands)44-6013 - (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N A336
Crew9/1/1944 TACTICAL (France)42-97992 - Trouble Buggy (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N G335
Crew9/9/1944 Dusseldorf (Germany)42-97696 - Terrible Termite (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N V335
Crew9/12/1944 Magdeburg (Germany)42-97561 - (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N S335
Crew9/18/1944 Warsaw (Poland)44-8040 - 13th Jinx (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N H335
Crew9/19/1944 Szolnok (Hungary)44-8040 - 13th Jinx (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N H335
Crew9/27/1944 Mainz (Germany)44-8144 - Hell's Belle (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N Q335
Crew9/30/1944 Bielefeld (Germany)44-8144 - Hell's Belle (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N Q335
Crew10/5/1944 Munster (Germany)44-8179 - Yankee Wolf (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N L335
Crew10/7/1944 Bohlen (Germany)42-97961 - Excelsior / Kurchow (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N B335
Crew10/17/1944 Cologne (Germany)44-8144 - Hell's Belle (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N Q335
Crew10/22/1944 Munster (Germany)44-8144 - Hell's Belle (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N O335
Crew10/25/1944 Hamburg (Germany)44-8144 - Hell's Belle (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N O336
Crew10/28/1944 Hamm (Germany)44-8217 - (B-17G)J.M. BastionSortie N C334
Crew12/28/1944 Coblentz (Germany)44-8144 - Hell's Belle (B-17G)W.V. OwenSortie WG O336
Crew4/16/1945 Pointe de Grave (France)43-38333 - Heavy Date (B-17G)W.E. HenrySortie P S336
Crew4/18/1945 Straubing (Germany)42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)W.E. HenrySortie P W336
Crew4/20/1945 Oranienburg (Germany)43-38469 - (B-17G)W.E. HenrySortie P U336
Crew5/3/1945 CHOWHOUND 3 (Utrecht) (Netherlands)43-39037 - Little Joe (B-17G)W.E. HenrySortie P T336
Crew5/5/1945 CHOWHOUND 4 (Utrecht) (Netherlands)43-39037 - Little Joe (B-17G)W.E. HenrySortie P T336
Crew5/7/1945 CHOWHOUND 6 (Utrecht) (Netherlands)43-39037 - Little Joe (B-17G)W.E. HenrySortie P T336
Crew5/10/1945 COOKS TOUR 1 (Germany)43-39037 - Little Joe (B-17G)W.E. HenrySortie P T336
Crew5/14/1945 VICTORY TOUR 1 (Germany)44-8272 - (B-17G)W.E. HenrySortie P P336
Crew5/20/1945 REVIVAL MISSION 3 (Europe)44-8144 - Hell's Belle (B-17G)W.E. HenrySortie P O336