Thomas H. Holbrook

Lt Col
Operations officer

RTD - 9/18/1944 on Mission to Warsaw, Poland in Aircraft 4297989



 MissionAircraftCrewStatusPOSCall SignSquadronMACR
Crew5/19/1944 Berlin (Germany)42-107047 - The Doodle Bug (B-17G)P.L. HuieSortie PS M334
Crew5/20/1944 Brussels (Belgium)42-107201 - Worrybird (B-17G)R.I. JohnsonSortie PS J334
Crew5/23/1944 Melun (France)42-31589 - Patty Ann (B-17G)C.A. RomanchekSortie CP O335
Crew5/25/1944 Brussels (Belgium)42-38178 - Ten Aces (B-17G)C.E. WyrickSortie CP K334
Crew5/27/1944 Karlsruhe (Germany)42-31600 - Pride of New Mexico (B-17G)E.H. GrossheimSortie CP M335
Crew5/28/1944 Dessau (Germany)42-38140 - Dollie's Daughter/E. T. O. Happy (B-17G)C.A. RomanchekSortie CP W335
Crew5/30/1944 Brussels (Belgium)42-102560 - The Thomper (B-17G)E.H. GrossheimSortie CP X335
Crew5/31/1944 Osnabruck (Germany)42-31600 - Pride of New Mexico (B-17G)E.H. GrossheimSortie CP M335
Crew6/20/1944 Fallersleben (Germany)42-97586 - (B-17G)P.A. MartinSortie PS D335
Crew7/11/1944 Munich (Germany)42-97561 - (B-17G)P.A. MartinSortie PS S335
Crew7/12/1944 Munich (Germany)42-97683 - (B-17G)G.S. HansenSortie CM M335
Crew7/19/1944 Schweinfurt (Germany)42-97561 - (B-17G)P.A. MartinSortie PS S335
Crew7/28/1944 Merseburg (Germany)42-97696 - Terrible Termite (B-17G)J.M. MillerSortie PS V336
Crew8/15/1944 Venlo (Netherlands)42-97961 - (B-17G)J.W. StreetonSortie CM B335
Crew8/24/1944 Ruhland (Germany)42-97961 - (B-17G)J.W. StreetonSortie CM B335
Crew8/25/1944 Politz (Germany)42-97683 - (B-17G)J.M. MillerSortie PS M335
Crew9/9/1944 Dusseldorf (Germany)44-8040 - 13th Jinx (B-17G)J.M. MillerSortie PS H335
Crew9/18/1944 Warsaw (Poland)42-97989 - (B-17G)J.W. StreetonLost PS Y335????
Crew10/15/1944 Cologne (Germany)42-97992 - Trouble Buggy (B-17G)V.M. SherwoodSortie CM G335
Crew11/2/1944 Merseburg (Germany)44-8210 - Sweetheart of Seattle (B-17G)V.M. SherwoodSortie PS J335