Fred R. Pammer


Tail Gunner

Fred was a Tail Gunner on the Abwender crew, then became a Waist Gunner on the Rosenzweig crew.



 MissionAircraftCrewStatusPOSCall SignSquadronMACR
Crew9/27/1944 Mainz (Germany)42-107201 - Worrybird (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG J334
Crew10/3/1944 Nurnburg (Germany)42-102455 - Lucky Lady (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG Z334
Crew10/12/1944 Bremen (Germany)42-107047 - The Doodle Bug (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG M334
Crew10/15/1944 Cologne (Germany)42-102447 - El's Belles (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG A334
Crew10/17/1944 Cologne (Germany)42-107047 - The Doodle Bug (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG M334
Crew10/18/1944 Kassel (Germany)43-38333 - Heavy Date (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG S336
Crew10/19/1944 Mannheim (Germany)42-102447 - El's Belles (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG A334
Crew10/22/1944 Munster (Germany)42-102455 - Lucky Lady (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG Z335
Crew10/28/1944 Hamm (Germany)43-38660 - (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG W334
Crew10/30/1944 Merseburg @ Recalled (Weather) (Germany)43-38660 - (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG W334
Crew11/5/1944 Ludwigshafen (Germany)43-38660 - (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG W334
Crew11/11/1944 Oberlahnstein (Germany)43-38660 - (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG W334
Crew11/21/1944 Giessen (Germany)43-38660 - (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG W334
Crew11/30/1944 Merseburg (Germany)44-6528 - (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG P334
Crew12/2/1944 Coblentz (Germany)43-38317 - Flak Evader (B-17G)D.V. AbwenderSortie TG K334
Crew12/24/1944 Biblis (Germany)44-8179 - Yankee Wolf (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG S334
Crew12/29/1944 Frankfurt (Germany)42-97215 - Scooter (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG N334
Crew1/2/1945 Badkreuznach (Germany)43-38551 - (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG L334
Crew1/10/1945 Himmelgeist (Germany)43-38996 - (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG T334
Crew1/14/1945 Derben (Germany)43-38996 - (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG T334
Crew1/20/1945 Heilbronn (Germany)43-38996 - (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG T334
Crew2/3/1945 Berlin (Germany)43-38996 - (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG T334
Crew2/9/1945 Weimar (Germany)43-38617 - New York Express (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG Q336
Crew2/14/1945 Chemnitz (Germany)43-38996 - (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG T334
Crew2/15/1945 Cottbus (Germany)43-38996 - (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG T334
Crew2/17/1945 Frankfurt (Germany)43-38996 - (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG T334
Crew2/21/1945 Nuremburg (Germany)43-38996 - (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG T334
Crew2/24/1945 Bremen (Germany)43-38990 - The Creamer (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG X334
Crew2/26/1945 Berlin (Germany)43-38996 - (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG T334
Crew2/27/1945 Leipzig (Germany)43-38996 - (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG T334
Crew3/1/1945 Ulm (Germany)43-38996 - (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG T334
Crew3/3/1945 Brunswick (Germany)43-38996 - (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG T334
Crew3/4/1945 Ulm (Germany)43-38996 - (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG T334
Crew3/7/1945 Datteln (Germany)44-8525 - Pocomoco (B-17G)F.G. RosenzweigSortie WG U334