Earnest C. Caffey

Waist Gunner

RTD - 3/19/1945 on Mission to Jena, Germany in Aircraft 4237882 Hard Time, A-Good-Bett, etc



 MissionAircraftCrewStatusPOSCall SignSquadronMACR
Crew3/1/1945 Ulm (Germany)43-38255 - Poof Proof (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG A335
Crew3/2/1945 Ruhland (Germany)42-31867 - Go Getter (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG O334
Crew3/7/1945 Datteln (Germany)43-39052 - (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG S335
Crew3/12/1945 Swinemunde (Germany)43-38774 - Clay Pigeon (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG B412
Crew3/14/1945 Seelze (Germany)42-97257 - Knock-Out Baby! (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG L412
Crew3/15/1945 Oranienburg (Germany)44-8272 - (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG P412
Crew3/18/1945 Berlin (Germany)42-97257 - Knock-Out Baby! (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG L412
Crew3/19/1945 Jena (Germany)42-37882 - A-Good-Bett (B-17G)E.D. GrantLost WG T412????
Crew3/24/1945 Steenwick-Hhsvelt (Germany)42-97257 - Knock-Out Baby! (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie BT L412
Crew3/24/1945 Ziegenhain (Germany)42-97257 - Knock-Out Baby! (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG L412
Crew3/28/1945 Hannover (Germany)43-39177 - The Blessed Event (B-17G)E.C. SlusherSortie WG Y412
Crew3/30/1945 Hamburg (Germany)43-38281 - Kimmie Kar for 9 (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG Z412
Crew4/5/1945 Nuremburg (Germany)42-97992 - Trouble Buggy (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG Q412
Crew4/9/1945 Munchen-Riem (Germany)44-6801 - Umbriago (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG A412
Crew4/10/1945 Burg (Germany)44-6801 - Umbriago (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG A412
Crew4/11/1945 Landshut (Germany)43-39177 - The Blessed Event (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG Y412
Crew4/16/1945 Pointe de Grave (France)44-6946 - Blood & Guts (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG F412
Crew4/17/1945 Aussig (Germany)44-6801 - Umbriago (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG A412
Crew5/16/1945 REVIVAL MISSION 1 (Europe)44-6801 - Umbriago (B-17G)E.D. GrantSortie WG A412